Neeraj Parents' Pride School

Baldeobagh , Rajnandgaon ( Chhattisgarh )

Admission Form
      STUDENT ADMISSION FORM     Reg No. - 20163  
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Student Name   Father Name  
Mother Name   Mother Tongue  
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Group   Date Of Birth  
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Father Profession/Business     Mother Profession  
Residence Address      
Office Address      
Residence Phone   Residence Phone  
Local Guardian (i)   Address ( I )  
Local Guardian II   Address II  
Witness Name   Witness Phone No.  
Hostel /Day Scholor   Height Weight
    Family Doctor Name  
Blood Group      
Doctor Address   Phone No.  
Disease if any   Allergies  
Preventive Medicine      
Student Photo Father Photo Mother Photo  
Birth / Transfer certificate      
Caste Certificate   Concession Type  
Coution Money with date   Using Bus  
Bus No. Bus Stop Name Form Completed By Parent  

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