Neeraj Parents' Pride School

Baldeobagh , Rajnandgaon ( Chhattisgarh )

Director's Desk
Er. Neeraj Bajpayee
Director , N.P.P.S

A child's education is probably the most wondrous of processes formulated by the mankind. Imparting information and knowledge, instilling 'Sanskaar' and a sense of distinguishing between right & wrong, emphasizing individually through teamwork, deliberately preparing a child for his or her quest in life (Especially in today's rapidly advancing and globalizing world), and hence the process of educating a child has taken on a whole new meaning. Today's child truly lives in a global world competing with peers beyond our borders, in every conceivable area of expertise where India is headed. And yet, such a scenario would bring forth among these children, a need greater than ever before in life, for our 'Sanskaar'- a sense of our values, as anchor, values that have stood the test of time and have played their role in making us the nation we aspire to belong to. We should not judge a book by the cover and a child from his report card. Neeraj Parents' Pride School is working on all round development of child, it will take years to show some tangible results, but there is considerable progress in this direction. The challenge right now with us is embracing modern schooling methods without forgetting our time tested teaching techniques to provide world class education.