Neeraj Parents' Pride School

Baldeobagh , Rajnandgaon ( Chhattisgarh )

  1. To cultivate , recognize , and respect the opinions and contributions of child , parent , and teacher.
  2. To provide a safe, nurturing environment for learning where individuality is recognized and diversity is celebrated.
  3. To provide instruction that encourages development of each child's practical, cognitive, physical, social, and moral potential.
  4. To present a curriculum that is intellectually stimulating and developmentally appropriate.
  5. To encourage initiative, self-discipline, critical thinking and creative approaches to problem-solving.
  6. To foster the values of good citizenship through community service, civic awareness, and development of leadership potential.
  7. Quality Education aimed at the child’s over-all development irrespective of cast, creed or religion.
  8. To develop clarity in thinking, fluency in English and effective communication skills.
  9. To implant in them self discipline, punctuality and a sense of hygiene and cleanliness.
  10. To develop in them true sportsman spirit though a variety of games and competitions.
  11. To recognize dormant intellectual or artistic capacity in students and Endeavour to lead them to the pinnacle of achievement.
  12. To tap the innate potential of unique capabilities though co-curricular activities and general education.