Neeraj Parents' Pride School

Baldeobagh , Rajnandgaon ( Chhattisgarh )

  • Child friendly Curriculum

At Neeraj Parents’ Pride school every thing is design and developed after a thoughtful study, survey, research and considering the uniqueness of every child, the curriculum, rather learning programme is designed to encourage the learner. There is a casual attempt to develop all the skills i.e. cognitive, physical, emotional, aesthetic and creative capabilities.

  • Lunch time management

Efforts are made to ensure that students of all classes should eat their lunch properly and fully. Teachers of each class supervise at lunch time.

  • Class room teaching

Class room teaching is an important part of the school. Child friendly environment that bolsters the confidence of the students at NEERAJ PARENTS’ Pride School and they enjoy learning nicely, painted walls add joy to the learning.

  • Teachers

They develop a close bond with the children. A quiet respect not fear is motive that they seek to inspire in their children. The teacher-student ratio is 1:20 in classes to ensure greater individual guidance.

  • Development of large muscles
  • Development of large muscles
  • Development of large muscles

Specially designed out door play-equipment such as swing, beam balance, see saw etc, facilitate child’s development.